39 minutes | Mar 18, 2021

My Body on the Line with Jack Nowell plus Ed Jackson, Series 2 Episode 5

There is a well documented risk of injury in rugby union but in this episode Ed Jackson helps Jack Nowell put this into perspective and explains how he's not allowed setbacks to stand in the way of achieving great things. Along with Nick Bright, Ed - a former professional rugby player himself and ambassador to Restart as well as Wings for Life - describes how breaking his neck off the pitch hasn't stopped his desire to accomplish incredible things off it.If you want to know more about Ed's recovery, you can listen to him in this episode of 'How To Be Superhuman' - http://win.gs/EdJacksonYou can listen and watch all episodes of Decoding Athletes with Jack and Nick Bright, revisit Season One, and read more about all the athletes featured at http://redbull.com/decoding
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