67 minutes | May 5, 2021

24. UP NORTH | A Conversation on architecture in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is 100 years old on May 3rd 2021. In this podcast Emmett Scanlon speaks to four people working in and through architecture in Norther Ireland. Aidan McGrath is a director of McGonigal McGrath architects. Jane Larmour leads ArighoLarmourWheeler architect based in Dublin and Belfast. Aisling Rusk is founder of Studio Idir and Ciaran Fox is the Director of the RSUA (Royal Society of Ulster Architects). What follows is a broad conversation in which individually and collectively the quartet outline their own understands of the current terms and conditions in which architecture is being commissioned, designed, built and finally shared with a public. Naturally the specific political context of Northern Ireland comes up - you will have heard Aidan refer to this in the introduction - and we hear how this might be driving and informing types of architectural practice.  __ Music is by Sinead Finegan, played by the Delmaine String Quartet (Philip Dodd, leader). The podcast was recorded on Zoom in April 2021.
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