63 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

22. Derek Poppinga | DEVELOPMENT

In this podcast host Emmett Scanlon talks to property developer Derek Poppinga of Mm Capital. In 2015 Mm Capital purchased the Phibsborough Shopping Centre site. In 2020 Mm Capital lodged an application to amend their previously approved project for student housing, proposing instead to include co-living units on the site. The podcast covers several aspects of development in Ireland, including cost and supply, the apparent inability for experts and developers to agree on how much it costs to build housing, the social responsibility of property developers and of course, co-living. About Derek Poppinga: Derek co-founded Mm Capital, an Irish real estate investor and developer in 2013.  He is currently developing out c.Eur500m of real estate spread across social housing, standard apartments and co-living to name a few areas.  A qualified barrister, he previously worked in roles in Morgan Stanley, Bridgewater Associate and H.I.G. European Capital Partners, working on over €1Bn worth of real estate transactions in this time. __ Music is by Sinead Finegan, played by the Delmaine String Quartet (Philip Dodd, leader). The podcast was recorded on Zoom in March 2021.
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