89 minutes | Dec 23rd 2020

2020 Bitcoin Tech Review with Shinobi

“This year, is the first year where I feel like the question of ‘is all this going to work out in the long term?’ is settling itself, everything is just rocketing forward.”
— Shinobi

Location: Remotely
Date: Monday 21st December
Company: Block Digest
Role: Host

2020 has been a record-breaking year for Bitcoin where we have seen the price reach a new all-time high of over $24,000. Companies like MicroStrategy and Square have paved the way for institutional investors, and mainstream media covers Bitcoin more than ever. 

While interest in Bitcoin is continuing to grow, behind the scenes, Bitcoin developers are quietly continuing to push the technology forwards. With improvements like Schnorr signatures and CoinSwap on the horizon and advancements with discrete log contracts and Lightning Lab’s Loop, the technical side of Bitcoin is also thriving. 

In this interview, I am joined by Shinobi host of Block Digest. We review the technical side of Bitcoin in 2020, including MuSig, Schnorr & Taproot, discrete log contract, Lightning Labs Loop and CoinSwap.

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