45 minutes | Nov 1, 2019

What A Time To Be Alive!: Episode 3 Meatheads, Capos & Duranies...Oh My!

Less fattening than the Halloween candy you stole from your kids!... Lou goes off the rails talking about his favorite sitcom of all-time! Get out your scalpels because that Rise of Skywalker trailer that dropped?..we’re gonna’ dissect it like a middle-school lab frog! Scorcese and Copolla are going to the mattresses with the comic book movie community...and this is without a sit-down with the five families?!?  Who watches the Watchmen?...we’ll find out when we discuss the premiere of Watchmen on HBO. Superman is about to let us in on his little secret…again. The nominees for the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame have been announced…listen to Lou b!tch about it just like everyone else does! All that and more on this jam-packed edition of What A Time To Be Alive! 
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