28 minutes | Oct 21, 2019

What A Time To Be Alive!: Episode 2 Legends of The Fall

Forget Brad Pitt...Lou Acosta is a Legend of The Fall!  The Breaking Bad mythos continues with the further adventures of America’s second favorite cooker…Jesse Pinkman and the Netflix premiere of El Camino!  The most powerful being in the Marvel Universe isn’t a Celestial…it’s Kevin Feige and we’ll tell you why!  Zoe Kravitz cast opposite Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves upcoming The Batman in a role that’s absolutely perrrfect!  Thanos may be inevitable, but Robert Downey Jr is…Dolittle?  And that disturbance in the force you feel may be a possible Star Wars Episode 9 trailer on the Rise? All that and more on this edition of What A Time To Be Alive!
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