60 minutes | Jun 15th 2019

#018 - Writing and Recording a Song About WEEZER!

The Chrisses have a unique one for you this (bi)week…with summertime scheduling conflicts running amok (and a sure-to-be epic “Death to False Metal” episode impatiently waiting to be tracked), Chris the Elder takes the mic SOLO-style and offers an inside look into how to write and record an original song. The song in question is pertinent since it was inspired BY WEEZER and describes their controversial creative arc. No, it doesn’t much sound like our beloved L.A. Boyz but C + C hope you’ll all get something out of this unfiltered look into a human's creative and recording process. Also you'll learn the origins of "scat" singing so there's that...Download “Go, Go, Go” for free at: https://christopherknott.bandcamp.com/track/go-go-goE-mail:WezTalkinWeez@gmail.comInstagram:@WezTalkinWeezTwitter:@WezTalkinWeezMyspace:TBD
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