37 minutes | Feb 21, 2020

Understanding the world around you using game theory w/Nicole Immorlica

Nicole  talks about game theory and how she feels that it is her way to understand the world around her. Nicole talks about game theory, a way to understand how intelligent agents, humans or machines, interact and optimize their outcome in a particular context.Nicole discusses how this process can be used to create user interactions that are understandable and can be used efficiently.We also hear about how dynamic games apply to robotics and how robots deal with the ever-changing world they act in.Nicole then talks about a trend in market design where large amounts of data about previous behavior is used to redesign the market and optimize it. We also hear about how this is used to understand how people use and interact on social media platforms.She also shares how game theory can be used to explain behavior that is not optimal, for instance in procrastination.This podcast is part of the Wevolver network. Wevolver is a platform & community providing engineers informative content to help them innovate.Learn more at Wevolver.com 
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