37 minutes | Jan 30, 2020

Real world challenges with Artificial Intelligence w/Associate Professor Federico Pecora

Federico talks about AI and how the computer decides what to do and when to do it.Federico finds many interesting research problems combining AI and robotics. Being out in the real world challenges the AI algorithms and makes real physical tasks possible.Federico talks about working on AI and service robotics. In this area he has worked on planning, especially focusing on why a particular goal is the one that the robot should work on. To make robots as useful and user friendly as possible, he works on inferring the goal from the robot’s environment so that the user does not have to tell the robot everything.Federico has also worked with AI robotics planning in industry to optimize results. Managing the relative importance of tasks is another challenging area there. In this context, he works on automating not only a single robot for its goal, but an entire fleet of robots fortheir collective goal. We get to hear about how these techniques are being used in warehouse operations, in mines and in agriculture.Federico discusses how important the co-operation between roboticists and AI specialists is. It can sometimes be challenging, but when it works it yields very interesting questions and results.This podcast is part of the Wevolver network. Wevolver is a platform & community providing engineers informative content to help them innovate.Learn more at Wevolver.comPromote your company in our podcast?If you are interested in sponsoring the podcast, you can contact us at richard@wevolver.com
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