38 minutes | Feb 7, 2020

Learnings from working + 20 years in robotics as an entrepreneur, teacher, lecturer, and researcher w/Lars Dalgaard

Lars Dalgaard shares his experiences developing robots in many different contexts.We hear about Lars’ early work with large mobile robotics in a commercial nursery garden handling the transfer of plants from the greenhouse to the field.He also speaks about the Hydra project a self re-configuring modular robotics project that developed several different modular robotics systems including the Atron system.Lars felt that there was a problem with the process used to introduce robotics and automation into society. Commercialization was hard and unreliable mostly because there was no focus on designing a complete system. This lead to an industrial PhD done at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) focusing on a system level design approach.He then talks about his work at DTI that focuses on transferring research, knowledge and research results from academia into companies and the Danish society in general.One project Lars has been working on is augmenting mobile platforms so that they can handle tasks as they move around in a production facility. This also aims to make it easier to program the mobile platforms and any systems added to them.Lars thinks that looking at the bigger picture and bringing multiple partners and end users into projects, and doing so early, can bring big benefits to a project.This podcast is part of the Wevolver network. Wevolver is a platform & community providing engineers informative content to help them innovate.Learn more at Wevolver.com
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