33 minutes | Jan 24, 2020

Future innovations at the Robotics and Mechatronics lab w/ Professor Stefano Stramigioli

Stefano talks about how he leads the Robotics and Mechatronics lab at University of Twente. The lab focuses on inspection and maintenance robotics, as well as medical applications.Stefano got into robotics when he saw the robots in Star Wars, and started out building a robotic arm from scratch, including doing his own PCBs etc.He also tells us about the robotic peregrine falcon that has been spun out and is now a successful company of their own. Check it out at www.clearflightsolutions.comStefano and Per agree that the simple reason for being in robotics is that it’s just so cool!This podcast is part of the Wevolver network. Wevolver is a platform & community providing engineers informative content to help them innovate.Learn more at Wevolver.comPromote your company in our podcast?If you are interested in sponsoring the podcast, you can contact us at richard@wevolver.com
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