104 minutes | Sep 23, 2021

Ep 132 Modern Strangers pt 3

Modern Strangers discuss their music, their scholastic histories, their favorite local bands, frets, thumbs, Kate, a bunch of other people, Kate again, royalties, and lots and lots of other stuff.   As long as this episode is, there's also a bonus episode! So make sure to listen to that as well. https://www.wncoriginalmusic.com/e/modern-strangers-bonus-episode/   Click here for easy streaming or download - https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/5x7fk9/Ep_132_Modern_Strangers_pt_37ck0i.mp3   Click to listen on Apple Podcasts/iTunes     Stitcher    Pandora    Spotify    Google Podcasts   Stream Modern Strangers's new album here Modern Strangers - Dangerous Fiction on Spotify   Listen and follow Modern Strangers at these places http://www.modernstrangers.com/ https://www.instagram.com/modernstrangersavl/ YouTube Channel https://modernstrangers.bandcamp.com/ Spotify   Find Black Dead Billionaires here- deadbillionaires.bandcamp.com deadbillionaires.com www.Facebook.com/deadbillionaires www.Instagram.com/deadbillionaires  https://youtu.be/D8uWDjhiw3Y Spotify   Follow the guy's other projects - Pronounced Heroes https://www.facebook.com/pronouncedheroes https://www.instagram.com/pronouncedheroes   The Deathbots https://thedeathbots.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thedeathbots   Bangers and Mash https://m.facebook.com/bangersandmashavl/   Rocky Horror Music Show https://www.facebook.com/RockyHorrorMusicShow/   Subscribe to the podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wnc-original-music/id1378776313 https://www.iheart.com/podcast/wnc-original-music-31067964/ This link has all the other places to subscribe https://gopod.me/wncom   Follow on Social Media https://www.facebook.com/wncoriginalmusic https://www.wncoriginalmusic.com https://www.instagram.com/wnc_original_music/   All music used by permission   "There are few groups on the local scene that would classify as pop bands. Modern Strangers is among that elite camp. With catchy melodies and an infectious energy, they create a sound that feels as if it comes from another era" - Mountain Xpress (09/09/2017) “ There isn’t enough pop music in Asheville, but Modern Strangers are helping to change that” - Ashvegas (Caleb Calhoun 3/22/2018) “You Guys are a gnarly party band!!” (Quinn Powers 06/02/2019) Modern Strangers is an Asheville-based band playing high-energy, toe-tapping, and melodic rock music! A 4-piece combo of journeymen musicians, they take their varied influences and form them into a JanglePop juggernaut with a mountain twist. Hard to pin down their sound, they've heard comparisons from The Beatles to The Pixies to early REM to Elvis Costello to The Kinks. Catchy songs, vocal harmonies and just the right amount of edge make these guys a fun night whether they're playing originals or quirky covers.   Dead Billionaires are a ramshackle trio bent on scratching a primal itch -- empowering audiences through effervescent, driving rock n roll.    Formerly known as Little River Creek Police, Dead Billionaires started as the songwriting project of front man Warren Campbell in 2016 in Richmond Virginia. Settling into a power trio lineup with Nick Trbovich on bass and Hunter Rhodes on drums, the band wields music as a tool for grappling with the problems of our modern society, while having a hell of a lot of fun doing it.   Their self-titled re-debut "Dead Billionaires EP" tackles themes of self-doubt, impermanence, and perseverance while capturing the frenetic and vibrant energy of their live set.
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