65 minutes | Jun 1st 2017

Ep 4 - Angels, All Star Voting, NBA Offseason, and NBA Finals Preview

Thanks for downloading! Today's episode is a diverse cacophony of joy and sadness (just like sports!). Today we're talking about Chad's beloved Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim Orange County, then we get into how we each vote for the MLB All Star game, and why Ben is the worst. Then we talk NBA offseason, who we want to see go where, and of course dive deeeeep into the NBA Finals with some stats and predictions. Enjoy! 

3:45 - Bias Beginnings: Chad's Angels

19:30 - Should we be voting for the best players or players from our teams for All Star game?

32:30 - NBA free agent talk. Who would you like to see on your team? Who would you hate to see leave?

46:15 - NBA Finals Preview with special guest Jason Helms

52:30 - NBA Finals Predictions

62:50 - Sean’s Walk Off 


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