18 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

16 - La Pasta Nostra

Benvenuto! Join us for a multicourse dish of Italy’s mainstay meal … pasta! In our first course, there’s nothing ‘dry’ about dry pasta… Brooke enlivens our tastebuds and unboxes this everlasting ingredient. (1:54) Next, Chris gives us a 101 on cooking al dente. (3:30) A Tuscan detour reveals the proper way to sauce pasta – and a surprising, shared experience between our cohosts! (5:45) Whether you like it long and hollow – or small and stringy – we have ‘the skinny’ on all shapes: linguine, rigatoni, bucatini, penne and more! (7:38) Knead some dough? Chris and Brooke break down pasta fresca (fresh pasta), share a fault-proof recipe for pasta dough, and compare the deliciousness of pappardelle, tagliatelle, ravioli, lasagna, and other fresh favorites. (11:24) Brooke cuts to the chase, explaining how to slice the perfect strands of Spaghetti alla chitarra. Try saucing it with cheesy, peppery cacio e pepe. Yum! (15:54) For recipes and more, including information about our virtual cooking classes and monthly newsletter, Sage Advice, visit justsimplycuisine.com and follow us on Instagram. Many thanks to our sponsors: American Kitchen Cookware FireFly Farms
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