27 minutes | Jun 7, 2021

15 - Summer Rubbing, Roasting and Grilling

It’s strawberry season! Extend the shelf life of this sweet and juicy fruit with our slow, oven-roasting techniques for preserving your precious perishables. (1:50) Speaking of making it last, we reveal the must-have summertime ingredients in Chris’ Memphis Dry Rub recipe. (6:50) Breaking down the brown… Brooke shares her trick for retaining and restoring the softness of an essential dry rub ingredient: brown sugar. (8:30) Next, with just a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, our dry rub becomes a wet marinade for delicious whole-roasted chicken. Plus, don’t miss our tips for grilling chicken evenly and keeping it moist! (9:55) Not a grill master? This episode is for you, as Chris and Brooke take the mystery out of summer grilling, detailing how to use our grills like an oven. (15:24) Brooke updates us on her new life in New England, and Chris helps us fish for the meaning behind New England “scrod” (or “schrod”). Hint: cod is just around the corner. (20:20) Tired of the same old salad? Brooke turns her greens upside down with a French-inspired solution. (25:45) For recipes and more, including information about our virtual cooking classes and monthly newsletter, Sage Advice, visit justsimplycuisine.com and follow us on Instagram. Many thanks to our sponsors: FireFly Farms American Kitchen Cookware
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