29 minutes | May 21, 2021

14 - All Things Pizza!

Fire up the grill! We begin with secrets for crafting really good pizza, and Chris’ trick for achieving a crispier crust just might surprise you. (02:45) Let’s talk cheeses, sauces, and toppings! Bring the flavor and make it seasonal with heartier marinara in winter and lighter pesto in the summer. (7:45) Save your parmesan rinds! We toss it in Coppola’s Marinara, our building block recipe made from San Marzano tomatoes grown in the volcanic Mount Vesuvius valley. (9:30) Brooke cleans out the fridge, transforming unconventional ingredients like Granny Smith apples and pulled pork into a delicious, savory pie. Meanwhile, Chris sweetens the deal with a clever idea for buttery breakfast pizza. (15:00) Whether you’re a local or out-of-towner, you won’t want to miss our recommendations for some of the best pizzerias in the Washington DC area. (20:30) Chris and Brooke bring even more flavor to a classic spring and summer dessert: lemon buttermilk cake. Our variations feature blood oranges, Meyer lemons and limes. Then, top this zesty treat with limoncello or vanilla sugar-infused whipped cream. (22:30) No buttermilk? No problem! Brooke saves the day with a quick and easy solution. (27:40) For recipes and more, including information about our virtual cooking classes and monthly newsletter, Sage Advice, visit justsimplycuisine.com and follow us on Instagram. Many thanks to our sponsors: American Kitchen Cookware FireFly Farms
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