31 minutes | May 7, 2021

13 - Celebrating Earth Day with ‘Mean Green’ Salsa Verde

Delicately poached wild salmon is on the menu for this special Earth Day episode! Zest your tastebuds with two simple recipe building blocks: freshly squeezed lemon juice and salsa verde. (02:00) We’re remixing this rustic, refreshing Mediterranean condiment with a pinch of bitterness from coarsely chopped parsley and a dash of red pepper flakes. (8:00) Wild-caught or farm-raised? Chris details the difference in freshness, fat content, color and sustainability when selecting salmon and other fish. (9:30) Keep it smooth when poaching your fish with the subtler flavors of chive flower and white peppercorn. (15:00) The art and science of poaching continues with tips for transforming tuna steaks and eggs into easy and delicious meals. (17:00) Our poached wild salmon recipe pops with the springtime flavors of capers, bay leaves, fennel and thyme – and don’t forget the white wine. (20:30) Gone green! Chris teases an update on her raised bed garden that involves foxes and turkeys, while Brooke shares her plans to plant anew in New England. (24:00) Finally, we reflect on simple ways to help ‘Restore Our Earth’ (spoiler alert: there’s always more room in the dishwasher). (28:00) For recipes and more, including information about our virtual cooking classes and monthly newsletter, Sage Advice, visit justsimplycuisine.com and follow us on Instagram. Many thanks to our sponsors: FireFly Farms American Kitchen Cookware
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