51 minutes | Mar 28, 2017

05 - We're Cookin': Bread Baking and Cheesemaking with Fresh Baguette and Firefly Farms Creamery

This week in our recording nook, we’re joined by Mike Koch and Pablo Solanet of FireFly Farms Creamery and Vincent Mathieu of Fresh Baguette, two local artisan foodmakers who are producing some of the finest cheese and bread this side of the Potomac. Mike, Pablo and Vincent tell us about how they found their crafts, and we discuss how we connect with our food beyond just eating it. And, as always, don’t miss our can-do recipe that you can make with the bread and cheese sold by our podcast guests: Spicy Corn and Fresh Ricotta Bruschetta!   Special thank you to this week’s sponsor: Capital Wine School The Capital Wine School is one of the premier wine schools in the country. Located across the street from the Friendship Heights Metro Center on the red line here in DC, we offer courses and tasting classes for the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional student. For more information, visit us at Capitalwineschool.com.
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