43 minutes | Feb 6, 2019

Episode 3 - We Didn't Start The Fyre

Hi, and welcome to "We're All Thinking It" a new Boston based podcast hosted by best friends Josh and Rob. On our show, we bring to light all the hidden feelings that you hide during everyday life. We are not the heroes that you need but we're the heroes you want. We're all thinking it.... but we're the ones who actually say it.On this episode, the boys dive into the biggest story in the world which is of course "Fyre Festival" and the disaster that it was. They also talk about other famous heists, give an update on their weeks and Josh learns that Syria isn't in Europe. As always our weekly "This person should be purged" award is given out at the end of the podcast. Give it a listen, check us out on Instagram @watipodcast and don't forget to review and rate us wherever you're listening. We're taking this to the moon!
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