68 minutes | Aug 13, 2021

Episode 18 - Season 1 - Featuring Brent Sopel (Retired NHL Player & Stanley Cup Champion, Founder of the Brent Sopel Foundation, and Mental Health Advocate)

We’re all a little "Crazy" is brought to you by the #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement & The Hockey Podcast Network. Episode 18 :Featuring Brent SopelBrent Sopel is a retired National Hockey League (NHL) player, who won a Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2021. After his daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, Sopel was also diagnosed with the learning disability after the symptoms sounded similar to his struggles. This inspired him to create the Brent Sopel Foundation to help promote and raise funds for youth with dyslexia. Sopel is also a mental health advocate. Lately, he is speaking out and encouraging his former teammates to comment on the Chicago Blackhawks Sexual Abuse Case currently under investigation, which allegedly took place while he was with the Blackhawks in 2010. Hosts:Darren Rovell: Sports business insiderTheo Fleury: NHL great, mental health advocate & member of the #SameHere AllianceEric Kussin: 20-year professional sports executive, mental health advocate, and founder of the #SameHere global mental health movementWe’re all a little "Crazy" is available on ALL Podcast Apps! Do us a favor and download each episode before you listen, and if you are an Apple user, please rate & review the podcast as it helps us get these important conversations out to reach a larger audience.“This topic isn’t for 1 in 5 of us with mental illness, it’s for 5 in 5 whose mental health has been impacted".- Theo FleuryWe’re All A Little “Crazy” is a 501c3 founded by 15-year professional sports executive, Eric Kussin, bringing together Athletes, Celebrities, and Expert Practitioners.A big fan of marketing, psychology, and sport, Eric combined all three and began reaching out to his contacts to discuss how they could attack the mental health epidemic strategically and differently than had ever been done before. He had to bring purpose to his own experience and believed he must have gone through that horrific period for a reason. With suicides at a 30-year high, and drug/opioid abuse out of control, he knows something major must change with the messaging if we’re to reverse these negative trends. He was overwhelmed by the positive responses he received from athletes, celebrities, and practitioners all over the globe, wanting to join in, all of whom bought into his vision of bringing a louder voice to this cause through a Global Alliance under a singular, bold but inclusive brand message: #SameHere (mental health lives on a continuum and we are ALL impacted…we ALL have a story).The charter Celebrity Alliance launched with a formal rally with over 300 supporters in attendance on November 14th, 2017, in New York City. There, The Alliance introduced their “#SameHere” Movement, uniting the world through one ASL sign language hand gesture (you see depicted in their logos and profile pictures) that communicates – no matter where we live, or what our background or our accolades, we all go through life’s inevitable challenges, and we should have a society where it is openly acceptable to talk about those challenges, thus: “#SameHere!” Video. Find out more about the origin story that led to The Alliance’s usage of #SameHere.
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