22 minutes | Feb 8th 2021

Benefits of Living in Divine Love - Forewarnings - P2 (Empaths, Ascension and Psychic Stuff)

This is part 2 from a live show that talked about living in Phase 2 Healing of the Ascension Process. In this segment  from that show, we discuss how choosing to live in Divine Love or not affects your life and one of the benefits of living in Divine Love, which is getting more help from Spirit in the form of forewarnings..To hear the full live show, simply become a monthly Patron of only $1.00 a month or join any live show when it airs.Wendy Kay is dedicated to providing practical, convenient, easy to use products & services to help you move forward in life more easily. A little understanding goes a long way in easing the stress associated with feeling lost or stuck in life.Improve your quality of life, strengthen your connection to Spirit, enhance or develop your psychic abilities  with spiritual tools, techniques & knowledge.Visit oralin.com to see all psychic development and spiritual understanding services and products including guided meditations, "how to" meditations, psychic readings, and distance energy cleansing and protection services for your aura and your home.   Visit https://www.wendyswisdom.ca/p/wendy-live/ or https://www.oralin.com to see when the next live show is scheduled.* Become a Monthly Patron for as little as $1.00 per month. Learn more at https://patron.podbean.com/wendyswisdom* Make a One Time Donation to Support the Show!Follow the show and encourage others to support the show by sharing her podcasts on social media. Sign up on the mail list for https://www.oralinlight.com - Get notified of reading specials, new services or products and new shows!
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