21 minutes | Dec 5, 2020

GoingPro Updates & Red Planet Review – Dec 5th, 2020

It’s the end of the year, and traditionally around this time we ask for support from you, the listener, as we continue to produce space content on this podcast every month! WeMartians is entirely listener-funded, and as I noted about year ago this month, I’ve begun #GoingPro by making changes in my life in pursuit of creating space content full time. None of that is possible without you! And so as we kick off our December drive to gather support, it’s a great time to showcase one of the perks of being a Patron! Red Planet Review is an exclusive extra podcast that is enjoyed weekly by our Patreon supporters of $3 or more. We cover all kinds of news from planetary science, rockets and spacecraft, space policy, all with a Moon and Mars focus. Enjoy this week’s episode for free, and consider signing up to support independent space media. See some of the special limited time offers for new Patrons, too! Support WeMartians on Patreon Headlines for this week Chang’e 5 successfully lands on Moon, retrieves samples Chang’e 5 rendezvous and docking China to proceed with Long March 9 Orion PDU failure could add 12 month delay SLS begins Green Run Wet Dress Rehearsal Blue Origin fires BE-7 engine New process for making hydrogen and oxygen from martian brine InSight measures Martian Background Noise Curiosity Sol 2958 Curiosity Sol 2959 Curiosity Sols 2960-2961 Curiosity Traverse Map (revamped!) Follow Jake & WeMartians Website (www.wemartians.com) Patreon (www.patreon.com/wemartians) WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com) Mailing List (https://wemartians.com/signup) Twitter (@we_martians)  Jake’s Twitter (@JakeOnOrbit) Off-Nominal Podcast Origins: Jim Bridenstine Most Recent Episode: 36 – December Hurricanes (feat. Eric Berger)
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