40 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

103 - Space Lasers on Mars (feat. Nina Lanza)

With the arrival of Perseverance at Jezero Crater, NASA now operates two space laser instruments - ChemCam and SuperCam. Together, they are exploring Mars' past by understanding the chemistry and mineralogy of the rocks. ChemCam's principal investigator Nina Lanza joins Jake to discuss the both instruments, what they're up to, and what we're learning from them.We talk ChemCam and SuperCamChemCam Proposal ImageSuperCam RMI Close-upSounds from SuperCamFollow Nina, ChemCam and SuperCamChemCam - NASASuperCam - NASANina's WebsiteNina on Twitter - @marsninjaFollow Jake & WeMartiansWeMartians.comPatreon (https://www.wemartians.com/support)WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com)Mailing List (https://wemartians.com/signup)Twitter (@we_martians)Jake’s Twitter (@JakeOnOrbit)Off-Nominal PodcastTharsis Planetary ParkOur new design celebrates the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Mariner 9 mission, first spacecraft to orbit Mars. Get it on a shirt or a coffee mug today!
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