41 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

101 - SmartSuit (feat. Ana Diaz Artiles)

Today's space suits get the job done, but come with drawbacks that slow astronauts down, cause fatigue and injury, and introduce risks to the mission. Engineer Ana Diaz Artiles joins Jake to talk about her NASA-funded SmartSuit concept, which could solve many of these problems for future astronauts.We talk SmartSuit and space suitsSmartSuit Final Report - NIAC Phase 1Follow Ana & The Bioastronautics LabAna's profile at Texas A&MAna on Twitter (@adartiles)The Bioastronautics and Human Performance LabBHP on TwitterFollow Jake & WeMartiansWeMartians.comPatreon (https://www.wemartians.com/support)WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com)Mailing List (https://wemartians.com/signup)Twitter (@we_martians)Jake’s Twitter (@JakeOnOrbit)Off-Nominal PodcastTharsis Planetary ParkOur new design celebrates the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Mariner 9 mission, first spacecraft to orbit Mars. Get it on a shirt or a coffee mug today!
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