54 minutes | Mar 18, 2019

Practicing Self Care with Michelle White

In this episode, Kayla talks to Michelle White! Michelle White, LMSW is a self-care blogger and creator of gmichelle: Self-Care Resources. She created gmichelle to offer space for folks to practice self-care regularly, strengthen their self-love and learn about healthy interpersonal relationships. 

With extensive experience as a licensed social worker, clinical therapist and statewide trainer, Michelle has worked closely with people who have survived interpersonal trauma, domestic violence and child abuse. With gmichelle, she hopes to offer shame-free support, healing-centered resources and trauma-informed tools for each person on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves in their relationships.

This episode includes…

  • Why she founded gmichelle

  • Her experience as a woman of color within the self care and wellness space

  • Her tips of how to get started with self care

  • What self care really means 

  • And so much more!


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