30 minutes | Mar 13th 2018


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In this week’s podcast, find out why Matthew Kean, The Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, is building a stronger, more effective mental health care system that will help people grow and reach their full potential. Mr. Kean is in charge of three crucial areas of government in NSW, one area being work, health and safety. His concern regarding mental illness and its alarming effect on people in the workforce can be depicted in the growing rates of presenteeism, absenteeism and stress-induced fatalities seen today.

This year, more people will die from a suicide than a car accident.

Mr Kean understands mental illness and the impact it can have on a sufferer as well as various other stakeholders including the sufferer’s family and friends, businesses and the wider community. In this podcast, Mr Kean opens up to Terry about losing his friend to mental illness, and why it is now his priority to make sure all Australians, everyday, leave to work and return home safely.

The impact of work-induced stress has had far-reaching consequences on the mental health of Australian workers. It is now a fact that 1 in 6 Australians of working age are suffering with a mental illness. On top of this, Mr. Kean states the average employee will spend up to one third of his life working in Australia.  Concerned with the increasing prevalence of mental illness in the workforce and the amount of time we spend at work, Mr. Kean says he will use his political platform to bring about the right kind of change.  This podcast discusses the need for both businesses and our government to combine efforts and make the changes necessary, to improve the mental health and wellbeing of NSW workers.

Businesses committed to investing more time and money towards the mental health of their workers receive a $4 to $1 profit based on ROI report findings. The benefits that can be acquired by investing in the mental health of Australian employees are more than just financial; they are, as Mr. Kean discusses, a service towards improving the quality of people’s lives. Improving the community is imperative for Matt Kean, who openly discusses his mother’s battle with mental illness, an issue both sentimental and important to him.

Most businesses lack the programs or devices capable of promoting the mental wellbeing of workers and some bosses still see mental illness as a personal, non-work issue. Matt Kean discusses the social benefits of having systems in place that will help people reach their full potential, get industry leaders on board, de-stigmatize mental illness, and drive positive changes in our culture.

Listen, and find out how and why Matt Kean is driving change towards the issue of mental health in NSW today…

In this week’s podcast listen to:

  • Matt Kean’s areas of government (01:20)
  • From UTS to the Hornsby electorate (06:30)
  • Firsthand experiences with mental health (10:05)
  • Kean’s Maiden speech (12:05)
  • Making a dent (14:43)
  • What causes business reluctance? (17:17)
  • The Summit and industry captains (19:00)
  • Changing the culture (21:09)
  • Talking about mental illness (22:30)
  • The challenges for young people (23:13)
  • How to get help (24:50)
  • The ideal future (27:07)
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