34 minutes | Feb 13th 2018


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In this week’s podcast join Lisa Harvey, the Head of Workplace Experience at AMP, in a discussion on the modern day office.

How can the design of a work space contribute to the Organisation and it's employees?

According to Harvey and her team, employee health and wellbeing is influenced by the spatial design of the office. Consider your own experience at work- is there a space you can access for alone time or quiet thought? Are there interactive desks that help facilitate group discussions? Do you know the benefits of a standing desk or does your office receive enough natural light?

In this podcast Harvey discusses the potential of the work space. AMP's Workplace Experience team is taking this to new heights- using techniques that connect their employees, to their practices and to the culture within this space. Listen and find out how office ergonomics can change the employee experience; improve job performance, reduce stress and stimulate work output and productivity.

The employee experience and their expectations are evolving; work is no longer the unyielding process that it used to be. The advent of technology means that employees can work from virtually anywhere, with the enticement of flexible working hours. So why are HR leaders like Harvey, dissenting the importance of the office? Harvey discusses how the tangible space of the office plays a vital function, both socially and culturally, for an organisation.

What you can take from this podcast, is an understanding of the symbiotic relationship that exists between space and culture; an uplifting office space will create an uplifting culture! If a company’s values are clear and in alignment with the values of the employee and with the expectations of their experience; then a company can create what Harvey discusses to be “good work”.

AMP is creating a culture that accounts for the needs and desires of every individual who values the company’s core purpose. Find out how you can create a work space that understands and supports the wants and needs of it's employees and harbors a positive work culture, so you too can learn how to flourish!

In this week’s podcast listen to:

  • Why AMP is connecting the work space, with practice and culture (5:00)
  • The employee’s purpose (07:45)
  • A friend in uncertain times… (9:00)
  • Customer’s at the centre (11:45)
  • Supporting a diverse workforce (14:09)
  • Designing a supportive space (21:00)
  • The essence of the business (27:24)
  • The resilience frame (29:00)
  • The office- a contributor to wellbeing (30:40)


Host: Terry Robson

Producer: Charles Hunter

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