28 minutes | Feb 27th 2018


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Employee wellbeing is crucial in getting people to perform their best at work. The Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing at the Commonwealth Bank, Ben Sheidow is providing employees with the resources that can help integrate better balance, health and flexibility into their busy working lives.

In this podcast, journey into the health and wellbeing culture at the Commonwealth Bank, and what the organisation is doing for their workers Australia wide. Despite being a large organisation with over 50,000 workers, Sheidow discusses why it is a priority for Commbank to focus on the needs of every individual; this means providing them with the resources that can develop their performance so they can grow within the company.

A combined mixture of traditional programs such as the “Employee Assistance Program” and the “Managerial Assistant Program” with newer programs such as the “Thrive portal” have had a positive influence on the health and wellbeing of Commbank employees, and an overall influence on the productivity and performance of the company.  Listen to how Commonwealth Bank is creating a thriving corporate space with facilities that provide their employees with psychological advice, exercise and nutritional programs, wellbeing training and a private Commonwealth Bank health fund.

The Commonwealth Bank is adapting it's organisation to the wants and needs of the modern day worker. The organisation recognises that work demands can leave employees feeling time-poor, with a detrimental impact on employee mental health. The resolution? Health Hubs and an online educational program. Sheidow explains how a one-hour trip to the doctor can now be done in a four-minute health check in any one of their major capital buildings. Listen to how providing employees with onsite access to resources and information actually saves everyone, including the company, time!

And as for mental health? Their innovative online self-serve health and wellbeing portals offer employees educational training programs, articles and community services that are all personalised to suit their needs.

Listen and learn for CommBank is paving the way towards a better work place...

In this week’s podcast listen to:

  • From playing sport to Health Science (04:05)
  • Employee programs (07:58)
  • Onsite resources (10:00)
  • The Thrive Portal (11:06s)
  • A better work environment (12:39)
  • Mentors and development opportunities (15:07)
  • Collaboration and culture (20:50)


Host: Terry Robson

Producer: Charles Hunter

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