62 minutes | Nov 8th 2020

Simon J Hill

Plant-based diets are on a massive rise, and Simon Hill is at the forefront of it. As the man behind the Plant Proof website, podcast and blog, Simon is dedicated to answering all the questions people have about plant-based diets.   Simon has a masters in nutrition, and uses his vast knowledge and research to back up his tips about how to make a plant-based diet work for your own individual lifestyle. He’s also amazing on the environmental effects of meat production - for example, did you know that meat provides just 18% of our daily calories, but animal agriculture uses 83% of farmland worldwide, and produces 80% of the greenhouse gas emissions from our food?   What makes Simon really unique is he has something for everyone - whether you’re completely new to plant-based eating, or fully immersed in it. He talks about how to slowly transition into eating more plant foods, and how to adjust your plant diet to work for you.   To find out more, including Simon’s upcoming new book, check out plantproof.com    Few links as discussed in podcast:    This is Hannah Ritchie's work on the impact of eating local on our footprint: https://ourworldindata.org/food-choice-vs-eating-local Here's the biggest study ever done on our food and GHG emissions: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/360/6392/987 Simon’s pyramid: https://plantproof.com/veganfoodpyramid/ 
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