62 minutes | Sep 21st 2020

Sandro Mota

Did you know that breathing through your nose allows you to perform miles better when you’re exercising? Or that forgiveness has incredible health benefits? These are some of the awesome learnings Sandro Mota offers in this episode of Well & Good. A former Mr Olympia bodybuilder, now breathwork guru. Sandro’s expertise in using breath as trauma recovery is game-changing.  Breathwork is one of the biggest new health and wellness techniques - if you’re new to breathwork or if you aren’t, there’s plenty on offer here with one of New Zealand’s leading breathwork experts.   Check out Sandro’s website here: https://sandro-mota.com/   Special thanks to our sponsors The Avo Tree, check their website out here and make sure you use our discount code wellandgood to get 15% off your first box of avocados.    Brought to you by: Roar Collective Hosts: Art & Matilda Green Produced by:  Roar Collective
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