72 minutes | Jun 16th 2020

Ross Macdougald

Disclaimer:  please excuse the audio quality for the first 6 mins of this interview – we promise it gets better after the 6 min mark. Imagine working for skincare companies and coming up with an amazing solution that did great things for the skin. Then imagine those companies only using small amounts of that solution in their products, so they had nowhere near the effect they could have. This is what happened to Ross Macdougald. Ross got sick of that, so he went and started the Biologi skincare range. Armed with powerful, plant-based products, and a whole lot of insider knowledge of the industry, he’s on a mission to prove natural skincare products are a whole lot better than synthetics. He talks about the benefits of natural products, what synthetics actually have in them (um, car coolant??), and gives a few easy tips for product-free skincare.   Brought to you by: Roar Collective Hosts: Art & Matilda Green Produced by:  Roar Collective
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