65 minutes | Oct 18th 2020

Ricardo Christie & Sophie Steevens

Ricardo Christie and Sophie Steevens are a plant-based couple with a remarkable story about how the right diet can do wonders for your way of life.  Ricardo is New Zealand’s top pro surfer, and Sophie is a prominent author and advocate for a raw vegan diet. They both have their own powerful motivation for being plant-based; Ricardo for the pure benefits he feels it has for him as an athlete, and Sophie for helping her to defy medical advice and overcome an auto-immune disease. They talk about the lifestyle impacts of their dietary requirements, particularly being social and on the road, how they get all their nutrients, and have some helpful advice for anyone looking to try out a plant-based diet.  They share a unique and compelling story, which they tell without wanting to influence anyone else; they just talk about what works for them and their three kids. They’re cool and relatable and we loved this chat.   Raw and Free Website: https://www.rawandfree.com Book Sophie mentioned: The Detox Miracle Sourcebook https://www.amazon.com/Detox-Miracle-Sourcebook-Complete-Regeneration/dp/1935826190   Hosts: Art & Matilda Green Produced by: Roar Collective
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