90 minutes | Jun 30th 2020

Pete Evans

Disclaimer:  Explicit - there is the use of swear works in this episode. Also, just to highlight that this is just one view point and we are not saying that we agree with this view point that Pete presents.  It has been an interesting last few months for Pete Evans, the celebrity chef becoming increasingly polarising as he takes a deep dive into how we live our lives. Known as Paleo Pete, Restaurateur, Author  &  former judge on My Kitchen Rules, Pete Evans is an advocate of nutrition and wellness in all sorts of forms. However, he’s been attracting his fair share of negative press recently for own personal views. We cover it all in this episode with Pete  - health & wellness, his views on the world at the moment, why he spends two hours a day outside naked and so much more.   This is an organic chat about what makes Pete tick.   You can email us at hello@roarcollective.co and find all updates on our Instagram @roar_collective.co   Brought to you by: Roar Collective Hosts: Art & Matilda Green Produced by:  Roar Collective  
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