71 minutes | Jun 23rd 2020

Nicole Masters

We all know industrial farming can be bad for the environment, but there is a better way of doing things that is quickly gathering momentum. Regenerative farming has been linked to skyrocketing profits, better ecological outcomes and improved human health...and it’s not that hard. Nicole Masters is the founder of Integrity Soils, a company that specialises in what’s called regenerative agriculture. She’s a published author, and travels across NZ, Australia  and North America helping farmers to not only improve the environmental impact they have, but also increase their profit margins too. It is safe to say that Nicole truly is leading the charge for regenerative farming, and some of what she says is truly shocking. The chemicals we’re putting into the land are having long lasting health effects, not to mention causing lasting damage to the land. Her revelations are concerning, but her positive, solutions-focused outlook will help to give you the tools to live better.   Brought to you by: Roar Collective Hosts: Art & Matilda Green Produced by:  Roar Collective
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