58 minutes | Dec 14th 2020

Nathan Wallis

Calling Nathan Wallis an amazing neuroscientist doesn’t do him enough justice. He’s one of New Zealand’s most prominent experts on raising children, as well as living well as an adult, and the way he helps people to do that is just so good. There is something in this episode for everyone - from parents to children themselves, and even grandparents. Nathan has such incredible knowledge about the first three years of a baby’s life, to teenagers, to adulthood. He touches on things like how to talk to babies, how to (realistically) manage screen time - and the years when it can be worst for kids - how to encourage self worth in people of all ages, and so much more. What he says makes total sense, it’s in plain language, and it’s all backed by research. What he has to say is actually just so important as well - this is an episode about how to get the most out of our brains and our lives. You cannot miss this one!   Hosts: Matilda & Art Green Produced By: Roar Collective
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