60 minutes | Oct 4th 2020

Kelly Noonan Gores

We are beyond thrilled to have Kelly Noonan Gores on the show today. Kelly is best known as the woman behind the well-known Netflix documentary Heal. As producer, director and writer of the documentary, Kelly explores the body’s ability to heal itself, in a way that often challenges modern medicine.   Kelly joined us from a beach in Malibu, talking about her experiences of making a documentary, what she learned about stress, toxicity and pressure, quantum physics and how she spent an hour and a half listening to a wizard answer just one of her questions. Down to earth and relatable, Kelly talks about the common things people do to recover from terminal illnesses, and how health doesn’t have to come from a pill or a medicine.   There’s a lot to tie in to Kelly’s approach to health, but Kelly does it really easily. Hope you guys enjoy it.   https://www.healdocumentary.com/about.html https://www.instagram.com/kellygores/?hl=en     Hosts: Art & Matilda Green Produced by: Roar Collective
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