60 minutes | Aug 10th 2020

James Smith

James Smith is the world’s fastest growing online PT.  But he’s more than just a physical trainer - he’s a best-selling author, a public speaker and the man changing the way people think about health and fitness. Forget about rigid diets, strict workout routines and the idea that you have to do certain things to get healthy.  James is all about making practical changes to your lifestyle to suit you. He’s also not afraid to take on some of the fitness world’s biggest brands, with his funny, no BS approach. A best selling author who prefers pizza to broccoli, James’ honesty will make you laugh and his health tips just might help you. He’s refreshing and he’s funny, and he’s changing the way people think about fitness. Enjoy!   Brought to you by: Roar Collective Hosts: Art & Matilda Green Produced by:  Roar Collective
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