57 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

Damian Chaparro

Damian Chaparro is the founder of Aro-Ha retreats near Queenstown, New Zealand. He helps thousands of people a year to get away from their busy lives, wind down, and incorporate better self-care in their routines. This is a great podcast for anyone looking for practical ways they can handle daily stresses that often end up becoming too much. Damian is an experienced meditation practitioner, and talks about how significant even basic meditation can be for re-setting yourself and seeing your problems for what they are. (Spoiler alert: they’re often really insignificant).  He also touches on social media, screen time, Covid, human connection, and how the right approach to all these things can take a massive weight off anyone’s shoulders. This is one for the self love club!   Hosts: Matilda & Art Green Produced By: Roar Collective
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