104 minutes | May 3, 2021

What Makes a Good Match?

In this one we attempt to answer Johan’s question on what makes a good match. There’s more about this in the It’s All About Balance episode for those who haven’t listened to it.Join the group here for more information on #WTTGS Drill of the Month.We’d like to thank FlatPack ALPHA for joining the list of sponsors for prizes for the DOTM. We really appreciate it!https://www.facebook.com/flatpackalpha/ | http://www.flatpackalpha.com/https://m.facebook.com/groups/2717495845147518/———Competitive Coaching with Gazz | https://fb.watch/45xgOs_ecs/ | info@dvctech.co.za———DVC Technologies https://dvctech.co.za | https:// www.facebook.com/dvctechZero Mike Bullets https://www.zmbullets.co.zaBe sure to contact Garrett or Sasha for a discount for ZM bullets!
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