64 minutes | Oct 11, 2021

It’s Upon Us

A tale about how a massive IPSC match snuck up on some of us.We have a chat about what to get done in the last two weeks leading up to the Africa Area Champs.Hit us up in the group to discuss this.WTTGS shirts:https://www.bosninja.co.za/product/welcome-to-the-gun-show/———Magnum United Shooting Rangehttps://www.magnumunited.comMagnum is now building practice stages every Wednesday, stop in on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday and get a chance to the stage multiple ways. Train, experiment, get better.———Join the group here for more information on #WTTGS Drill of the Month.The winner has been selected, check our Facebook page for the announcement later today.And again, a huge thank you to Zero Mike Bullets and FlatPack ALPHA for the prizes.———DVC Technologies https://dvctech.co.za Zero Mike Bullets https://www.zmbullets.co.zaFlatPack ALPHA http://www.flatpackalpha.com/ShootingStuff https://www.shootingstuff.co.zaGuns@Work https://gunsatwork.wixsite.com/gunsatworkrangeRocksteady Gear https://instagram.com/rocksteady_gearBe sure to contact Garrett or Sasha for a discount for ZM bullets!
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