6 minutes | Jan 9, 2018

Bravo to the Highland Village BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar — Refreshed and Ready to Serve in Jackson, Mississippi — Ep. 001

In this episode of the Welcome to Mississippi Audio Experience, our host Andy Chapman takes us behind the scenes at BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar. Andy made it to the first seating of the special re-opening event at the BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar in Highland Village late last year, and if you loved this place before, you will still love it. If you haven’t visited yet, this weekend would be a perfect time now that the holiday rush is past!   LISTEN NOW >>> (embed links to itunes, Spotify & Stitcher, etc.)   For the re-opening, our tasting menu included:   Salmon & Tuna Tartar Oyster Fennel Bisque Louisiana Crawfish Skirt Steak with duck-fat braised Brussel sprouts And so much more… If you have never been to @bravobuzz in Jackson, you should hightail it over and bring your appetite. @eatjxn — Tweet this Kudos to co-owner, Jeff Good, and his team for making this a special place to eat. And Executive Chef and Co-owner, Dan Blumenthal, for the delicious menu. They have updated the upholstery, the tables and 20% of the menu items are new. So many things to love here — wood-fired pizzas, salads, an amazing spirit selection including tasty bourbons and a long wine list.   Plus, don’t forget that BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar offers 2-for-1 appetizers as often as you’d like all year long with your Mississippi Perks Pass Card as well as a one-time-use offer of 2-for-1 Pizza, Sandwich or Pasta with your Mississippi Perks Passbook.   Continue Your Adventure >>   BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar in Highland Village @BravoBuzz on Twitter BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar Profile on the Mississippi List Visit Jackson Highland Village Mississippi List on Facebook Mississippi List on Instagram Explore Other Mississippi List Capital/River Area Restaurants at The Mississippi List @eatjxn on Twitter
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