6 minutes | Mar 26, 2021

Introducing: Welcome to AppalachAmerica

As the U.S. confronts climate change with a move to a new, clean energy future, what happens to those places that gave us the old energy — the fossil fuels that powered the country for more than a century? In “Welcome to AppalachAmerica,” host Jeff Young and the reporters at the Ohio Valley ReSource dig into the big questions around this energy shift: How can we move forward on clean energy when so many people fear they’ll be left behind? Can coal country come out a winner as we tackle climate change? And just what would a “just transition” look like? You’ll hear from miners making a career shift, people trying to reimagine their communities, and some of Washington’s power players on climate policy. And you’ll learn why the path to solutions to some of America’s biggest challenges run right through Appalachia.
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