58 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

Episode 158: Can Psychokinesis Improve Your Luck at the Casino Tables?

In Episode 158 of the Weird Tales Radio Show our guest is Dr Joseph Gallenberger, a psychologist and psychokinesis expert who has spent 30 years exploring the ways PK can not only help healing but also improve your luck when it comes to playing the slots and dice in casinos. Liquid Luck he calls it. And we also have video news, Royal news - no not Harry and Meghan but the late Duke of Edinburgh - and some vital statistics for geeks.

Links: https://www.urbanfantasist.com  + https://www.youtube/c/weirdtalesshow + http://www.synccreation.com + http://www.innervegas.com + www.liquidluckbook.com + https://www.amazon.com/Joe-Gallenberger/e/B00C2SJNJ2

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