14 minutes | Oct 9, 2017

The Final Episode - My Favorite Tools

My Favorite Tools From 10 Years (https://warfareplugins.com/?ref=122) - The best tool for sharing things. I love that I can specify the tweet text and the image for Facebook, Pinterest, etc. This is once I don't wince when the subscription payment comes through (http://podcastcoach.aweber.com/) , but I switched to Convertkit last year, and I love the marketing tools that I can use and the ability to make my own landing/sales pages. coolerwebsites.com (http://www.coolerwebsites.com) which is my GoDaddy reseller account (https://themify.me/member/aff/go/podcastcoach) (very divi like) Speaking of Websites and Wordpress Management, I LOVE ManageWP and recommend it to everyone who has a WordPress site. Bonjoro Is a cool Video Email service that pays for itself every month I have someone share how cool it was that I sent them a personalized video bestpodcastinggear.com/shop (http://www.bestpodcastinggear.com/shop) ) (https://schoolofpodcasting.freshbooks.com/refer/www) so I can have people book consulting time, get paid upfront and have an invoice in my billing system. For Membership Websites, if you are using Wordpress I loved (http://www.schoolofpodcasting.com/getdap) . In regards to project management, I love todosit.com For automated Tweeting, I like Social Jukebox If I was creating an Affiliate Program, I would use iDev Affiliate For Chat on a website, I love https://www.tawk.to/ (http://www.nimble.com) is my favorite contact management Tool Optin Monster continues to reign as the king of Pop-Ups and Opt-ins (https://freshdesk.com/) is a GREAT Support tool if you want a ticketing/FAQ all in one My Typos were decreased by using The World's Best Grammar Checker  which is Grammarly For Webinars I use (http://bit.ly/2Mswyns) My favorite Affiliate Network (their new interface is AWESOME) is shareasale.com The Last Episode of This Version of Weekly Web Tools On July 28th, 2007 I started Weekly Web Tools as I was doing web design using Dreamweaver and I just started using Wordpress. I was my target audience. I was a person who wanted their websites to Get more traffic Convert When people arrive Look Good doing it Communicate better with our audience I use to run into tools all the time, there were new things happening on a regular basis, and I could find great tools from companies (not marketers) and creating the podcast was pretty easy. Fast forward 10 years later and instead of companies, tools are being launched by marketers who often would release a tool for a small period of time, and either pull the tool, go out of business, offer no support, raise their price, and in the end it was hard to find solid tools that I could recommend to you and be able to sleep at night. My last episode was the straw that broke the camel's back. I found what appeared to be a cool tool, only to find to "Companies" who appeared to have stolen the code from each other, and one didn't work (its has since been fixed). So I spent the better part of two hours trying to figure out if I liked the tool. To put it into a single question, after 10 years, I think I've found all the tools that I like, and I don't see a lot of creativity to make new tools that grab my attention. I always thought I would get more input from the audience on what tools they used, and I did from certain people, but all in all, it was a very, very low percentage. Plans For The Future I don't plan on releasing any new episodes for the rest of 2017 unless something crosses my path. I plan on rebranding the podcast to be called "Small Business Tools" and it will be moved to a "when I have something to say" schedule. I'm also shutting down the Patreon account. I could switch to a patron account, where I am paid when I put out an episode but I've decided just to close it down. Thanks to My Patrons Josh Rivers from CreativeStudio.academy...
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