9 minutes | Jan 11, 2017

Gmass and Canned Responses Put GMAIL on Steroids

Today I have two tools for GMAIL and they can save you some time and money. Canned Responses Do you have an email that you send over and over to different people. Now you can do that with Google Canned Responses.  Go to setting and then go to the labs tab and you will see where you can enable it. (Supporters have a video showing your how to set these up. Become a supporter today for as little as $2 a month (http://www.weeklywebtools.com/support) ) GMASS for Gmail  Send email campaigns from within GMAIL and get reports on how the campaign delivered. Technology in place to ensure you don't exceed GMAIL sending limits.  Built in follow tool allows you to get the most of your campaigns. Do a mail merge with Google Sheets . Check it out at www.weeklywebtools.com/gmass (http://www.weeklywebtools.com/gmass)
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