35 minutes | Mar 11th 2019

47. Farmersville: REC in a Small Town

This week Donnell talks with Gregorio Gomez, the mayor of Farmersville, CA, about how he introduced recreational cannabis to an agricultural town of 11,000 people, why the mayor views marijuana like any other industry, and the road bumps to implementation. Plus, Alex and Donnell highlight some of the new weed bills introduced in Congress. Congress is finally going to pot - http://www.rollcall.com/news/congress/marijuana-gains-traction-both-partiesSign up for the WeedWeek newsletter, WeedWeek Canada, and WeedWeek California to get weekly info on the most interesting industry delivered to your inbox. www.weedweek.net/newsletterEach week our writers bring you original reporting and analysis on the latest in the industry at https://www.weedweek.net/storiesLeave us a voicemail with any questions or comments on what you heard in today’s episode or something that you want to hear from us in future episodes by calling 424-258-0430. Please let us know in the message if we can play your voicemail on the podcast.Email us your comments, questions or suggestions at hello@weedweek.netSubscribe to this podcast in iTunes so that you never miss an episode!https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/weedweek/id1332937362?mt=2Follow us on Twitter and Instagram:twitter.com/weedweeknewstwitter.com/alexhalperintwitter.com/donnyshellinstagram.com/weedweeknews
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