63 minutes | Apr 25th 2020

Shane McMurray of The Wedding Report

Show notes and website links can be found on our website http://www.WeddingTalkRadio.com You can also watch the video from the interview with Shane McMurray. SHOW TITLE: Wedding Talk Radio With Shane McMurray The next episode of Wedding Talk Radio presents Shane who is a known data insights specialist, a tech geek, and a competitive advantage enthusiast. He has a passion for understanding data and finding patterns on them. Kyle made Shane share how these data can be used in managing a wedding business in today’s marketplace and in this time of the pandemic. Conversation Highlights (Time stamp is from the Youtube Video [00:20] Shane’s career path towards the wedding industry [02:06] The birth of Wedding Report in 2005 [02:46] The passion for understanding data [04:00] Kyle’s question on data collection for your wedding business [07:00] Question on the frequency of collecting data [07:58] Data collection in this time of the pandemic [16:23] Shane’s sharing on the real picture of the wedding market today [23:16] Shane’s data showing the status of the wedding industry at this time [26:46] Sharing of wedding marketing techniques [33:29] Lucy’s sharing about a client and his photography packages [35:57] Alex’s sharing about his clients [37:57] The group’s sharing on upgrading packages and giving reviews [44:42] Shane’s contact information [45:08] Expert’s words from Shane [46:42] Kyle’s question on using data in your business [49:08] Alex’s Thinking Outside The Box tip [51:22] Kyle’s Every Door Direct Mail tip [54:57] Kyle’s concern on giving statistics to the overall value of a wedding