17 minutes | Mar 28th 2019

81: An Empty Closet - Not Feeling WORTHY

In today's podcast, meet Gretchen: Gretchen is one of my in-person styling clients. When she and I first started working on her style and image, she thought it was just a surface issue. She she *thought* just needed some "new clothes."

As we started working together, I discovered the issue was much deeper than just not having enough clothing in her closet or having items that fit/flattered her figure (which side note, there usually is a deeper issue that becomes a limiting belief).

The issue was that now being an empty-nester, her kids had grown and moved out, Gretchen truly didn't feel inspired by her closet anymore, hadn't actually shopped for herself in almost 30 years (she still had maternity clothing in there), and was still in the mode of everyone-first-but-me-last mentality. This left her feeling lackluster, uninspired to even get dressed, and worse, like she wasn't WORTHY of dressing for who she was WORTHY of being seen. 

Does this sound familiar/similar to you?

Listen in to find out HOW by working with a stylist, Gretchen was able to transform her self-worth, spark her love life again, and even travel the world with her spouse. Because let's be honest, if she KNEW how to feel worthy again and transform her self-image, she would have done it on her own already. I guided her and gave her a unique framework to develop her confidence again through the power of style. 

Are you ready to find out how to gain your self-worth back through style and get a customized plan of action to achieve it? Email me at deidra@stylebydeidra.com right now or call me at 509-389-8877 to have a free style discovery call where we will come up with a customized style game plan for you. 

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