64 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

Website Optimization and Speed

Website optimization expert Andrew Welch discusses optimizing your website performance and speed. Site speed is a ranking signal for google. Ensuring your website is fast and efficient can give you a boost in your SEO results. We also discuss: How optimizing your site can improve your bounce rateContributing factors to a slow website\What you can do to improve your site without touching codeLimit the number of tracking scriptslazy loading images / mapsWeb hosting - shared vs VPSCaching & MinifyingImage Optimization / Responsive Images Google image srcset peas to find the article by Eric Portis that Andrew Mentions. Show Links Andrew's dotall conference talk Google PageSpeed Insights WebPageTest Tags Gone Wild! Managing Tag Managers Servd Fastly CloudFront Responsive Breakpoints Scrset and Sizes Andrew's Blog Sean's Blog More Website 101 Podcast Email the Podcast! Twitter Sean on LinkedIn Mike on LinkedIn  
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