62 minutes | Aug 7th 2018

Web of Tomorrow 48: Cassidy Williams - Mechanical Keyboards and Scrabble Keycaps

Cassidy is really into mechanical keybards. She talks about how she got into keyboards, some keyboard vocabulary, and the Scrabble keycaps she launched on Massdrop. Cassidy Williams on Twitter cassidoo.co/ Venmo Massdrop Mechanical keyboard subreddit WASD keyboards Sentraq Clueboard Keyboard sizes 100% TKL - tenkeyless - 75-80% 66-68% - takes off the function row 60% - takes off arrow keys 40% - takes off number row 30% Orthogonal - keys are in a straight grid Ergodox Iris Switches Membrane Keyboard Butterfly switches Clicky switches Tactile switches Linear switches Clear switches Cherry brand switches Box Navy switches Zealio switches Keycap Profile DSA keycaps SA keycaps DCS keycaps by Signature Plastic GMK - made by a german company in the same shape as DCS XDA - similiar to DSA with a wider face for legends Legends Dye sublimated Double-shot molding DSA Borealis - glow in the dark legends Blank keycaps Homing keys ABS plastic - can get shiny over time PBT plastic Artisan keycaps Tiny - artisan keycap maker Grab bags Layers Cases Preonic - can play music
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